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Dental Implants are Titanium screws that replace the lost roots on which we place the crown or prosthesis. Because of its ability to bond with human bone, it is the leading material for creating implants. It offers enough density and strength to sustain decades of use.

Does it work the same as a natural tooth? Yeah! And it also gets sick just like the natural tooth. So you must have a strict oral hygiene and periodontal check-ups every 4 or 6 months.

The implants do not get cavities… but the gum and bone around it can get sick. What in natural teeth is called periodontitis in implants is called peri-implantitis.

Smoking increases the risk of infection after surgery, causing a slower healing process.

The price will depend on each person, the amount of bone, the teeth to be replaced, among others.

To guarantee the success of the treatment it is essential that the patient has his systemic health controlled and bone growth must be completed (From 17 or 18 years). To determine if the patient is a candidate, we must make a diagnostic appointment and our surgeon will indicate which other additional studies we must perform.

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