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Digital dentistry is defined as the use of technologies or devices that incorporate digital or computer-controlled components to perform dental procedures. It aims to increase the efficiency and precision of dental treatments while ensuring predictable results.

In our center we incorporate technology from the moment you request an appointment, until the registration of your record for subsequent visits. Both the clinical history and the use of extra and intra-oral photographs and x-rays are all digital, in addition to computer-assisted patient education with 2D and 3D videos for a better understanding of the treatments to be performed and the innovative use of the 3D scanner of the patient’s mouth that allows us to diagnose many dental conditions faster and easier, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual procedures.

We also have a digital laboratory equipped with CAD CAM technology, which allows us to deliver a full ceramic dental crown in just 45 minutes. If you read correctly, only 45 minutes your final teeth. Smile design, implant surgical guides, and orthodontics involve fully digital planning that allows results to be more precise, predictable, and in much less time.

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Another benefit is that it improves the patient experience and comfort. Intraoral scanners can greatly increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. There is no need to use uncomfortable materials that can cause nausea in patients. The patient’s teeth are scanned in just a few seconds and an accurate result is obtained.

If you are looking for a professional treatment that incorporates digital dentistry, because you are looking for precision and you have little time, request an appointment with us, we will be happy to serve you.

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