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The general dentist is the one who has the initial contact with the patient. In this first consultation, an exhaustive diagnosis will be made, assisted by dental X-rays, of the entire oral cavity, teeth, and related structures, and an attempt will be made to solve the primary problems, in addition to properly channeling the patient’s needs, referring them to the necessary specialist.

The dentist, in general, will carry out a prophylaxis right after the diagnosis of the patient. (We carry out prophylaxis or dental cleaning in the first consultation, if the patient does not present serious periodontal problems).

He is also in charge of dental restorations with dental caries, which is nothing more than the destruction of tooth tissue caused by the presence of bacteria deposited on dental surfaces. The treatment that helps to solve the caries is cleaning it and the subsequent filling of the resulting cavity with a filling (filling) of amalgam (metallic color) or composite (white color), although if the caries affects the chamber pulpar (nerve) of the dental piece it will be necessary to carry out an endodontic treatment.

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Main general dentistry treatments

The main treatments performed by the general dentist are:

– Prophylaxis or dental cleaning
– Simple dental extractions
– Obturations or fillings
– Splints to control dental bruxism
– Introduction to pediatric dentistry
– Reconstruction of dental pieces with crowns or dental inlays assisted by CAD CAM technology.

Dental Global offers its patients the possibility of performing, within their treatments, dental inlays (in-lays and on-lays) and crowns in a single appointment using the innovative CEREC® CAD/CAM system, endorsed by more than 250 scientific studies that have demonstrated the safety and great durability of restorations made with this technique.

With CEREC our patients will enjoy the advantages of taking digitized impressions directly in the mouth, avoiding the use of cumbersome silicone-based impression materials. Once the digital impression has been taken, the future restoration is digitally designed, so that finally a milling machine mechanically carves the restoration from blocks of ceramic materials.

If you need more information related to general dentistry, contact us or visit us at our center. Meet our general dentists Dra. Mena and Dra. Acosta.

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